Benefits of installing a home security camera system

Installing a home security camera system can be an expensive process, but not installing one can cost even more. Getting to know some of the benefits offered by these systems can help any home or business owner see the value the system has to offer.


Protect Your Family and Home

The main reason a Long Island homeowner needs to consider installing a home security system is because it offers protection for family members from any would-be intruder. According to a recent study, homes that don’t have a security system installed are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by a burglar. However, for complete peace of mind, you need more than just an alarm. Installing video surveillance gives you the ability to see what is going on even when you are not there. This is especially beneficial if your children have to stay home alone from time to time.
IP security camera system

Assist the Police

If a theft or break-in does occur, a security camera provides the police with vital information that can help them catch the bad guy. It is important to make sure that a good quality camera is used to ensure that a clear image of the person’s face is captured.


Keep an Eye on Elderly Family Members

As mentioned before, when you install a video surveillance system, it helps you keep an eye on your kids if they are home alone. However, this system can also be used to help ensure your elderly family member is safe and secure. Since the camera footage is typically able to be viewed on any smartphone or another device, you can check in on your older family members throughout the day without having to leave work.


Reduce Your Homeowner’s InsuranceIP security camera

The majority of insurers on Long Island offer lower premiums if you install protection for your property against vandalism, fire, and theft. In fact, when you opt for one of the more advanced systems that includes video surveillance, you can see savings between 15 and 20 percent on your coverage rates.


Check In on Your Pets

If you are like a number of other people, your pets are just furry members of your family. As a result, you may want to make sure they are okay throughout the day. A video surveillance system installed at your home can help you do just that. The cameras for these systems can be installed strategically to ensure you can see everything that is going on inside your home and what your pet does all day.

As you can see, there are quite a few benefits offered by installing a residential video camera system. If you are ready to learn more, contact the professionals at Dig Down Media today.

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